Kesko Automates Ad Buying for 1000+ Retailers

Kesko is a Finnish retail conglomerate with operations in several countries. With a strong focus on digital across their operations, they partnered with to run an entirely new type of advertising campaign for their stores nationwide, unlocking unprecedented levels of localization.

1 Challenge

How to Localize Online Ads for 1000+ Independent Retailers?

One of the cornerstones of retail advertising is using localized offers to drive foot traffic. However, with a large number of retail locations, creating customized ads at scale becomes impossible. Therefore, promotions typically rely on e.g. generic online campaigns and local offline media.

Kesko has a Paid Social team of three working at the headquarters with no resources to provide fully localized Facebook campaigns to their network of 1000+ independent retailers. Kesko’s retailers have a strong local presence, semi-localized product offering, and pricing, as well as a strong community of customers that could only be reached with generic branding campaigns.

2 Solution

Simple Localization with Merchant Ads

Kesko tapped into’s Merchant Advertising Solution to fully automate ad creation and buying process for localized campaigns.

Retailers filled out a simple branded form to share their campaign budget, the targeting radius around their store, ad copy, and products they'd like to promote.

Retailers could get started without having to know FB advertising.How Merchant Ads Work

  • Each form generated localized ads automatically for each retailer.
  • The Kesko marketing team managed the campaigns from the HQ.
  • The Image Templates ensured brand safety by generating a unified look for all ads across the network. 
  • The ads ran from each retailer’s local Facebook page, adding yet another level of localization.
  • The campaign was Reach-optimized with a "Get Directions" Call-to-Action. It uses an interactive map to guide the consumer to the store. 

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“With this solution, anyone with a computer can now create a Facebook campaign.”

 A Local Retailer

3 Results

Saving Time, Amping Up Personalization

Kesko saw huge time-savings with Merchant Ads. Local ads were generated for all stores in a matter of seconds, previously it would have taken 30 minutes to create a single campaign for a single store.

Retailers used the copy section in the form to add their tone-of-voice, local product selection, and local language.  Retailers could run ads in a style they knew would work best for their market.

The feedback from the retailers has been very positive and Kesko's marketing team is now looking to develop the product even further to include more brands and retailers.

“Previously, our lack of resources meant we couldn't support our retailers with social media advertising. The Merchant Ads solution together with Image Templates automated the buying process at scale. We're also looking into expanding this solution to other parts of our work.”

Krista Kauhaniemi, Senior Social Media Specialist, Kesko


Positive Feedback from Retailers


Time Saved Per Store, Per Ad

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