Telia Makes a Connection with Dynamic Ads

Founded in 1993, mobile phone operator Telia Norway is the second-largest mobile provider in Norway.

1 Challenge

Aiming for Efficient Growth and Reach

After running Facebook campaigns manually for a number of years, Telia Norway decided to test an automated solution.

They wanted to sell more of their products —phones, subscriptions and accessories— online more efficiently by streamlining ad production and reaching prospective customers on Facebook with more relevant creative.

2 Solution

Dynamic, Customized Retargeting with Consistent Branding

Seizing the chance to pioneer dynamic ads in the Norwegian market, Telia Norway worked with Carat/iProspect and Facebook Marketing Partner to see how the ads would perform—both for retargeting and prospecting.

Dynamic Ads automatically produced ads that were customized to individuals, allowing Telia Norway to reach customers who had browsed its online store. The ads promoted only the items that each person had looked at, and were shown to them on whatever device they were using. Smartly’s proprietary Dynamic Image Templates automatically created ads featuring relevant product photos from Telia’s product catalog, while maintaining a consistent tone of voice and matching the look and feel of its website.

3 Results

Significant Sales and a Great Reception

Dynamic Ads contributed to a significant number of sales at a lower media investment, delivering 71% of all sales from Facebook for Telia in the first quarter of 2016. In addition:

  • 37% of total sales on Facebook now come from dynamic ad retargeting (with 6% of the total media budget)
  • 91% lower cost per sale with retargeted dynamic ads (compared to non-automated Facebook ads)
  • 47% lower cost per sale with dynamic ads for prospecting (compared to non-automated ads)

"By using an automated product catalogue solution and dynamic ads from Facebook, we save production time and marketing costs and reach a more relevant target group. The results we’ve seen so far are very impressive and we’ve only just started tapping into the potential of dynamic ads. We’re really excited to see what this can bring going forward."

- Erik Werner, Ecommerce Manager, Telia Norway



Lower Cost per Sale


Sales from Dynamic Ads


Higher Conversion Rate

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