Migros Doubles Revenue With Automated Budgets

Migros, one of Turkey's most well-known grocery store chains with approximately 2000 stores nationwide, wants to change how people buy groceries in the competitive market. They have the most varied online grocery solution with different websites and apps: Migros Sanal Market, Macrocenter, Migros Hemen, and Tazedirekt. Migros' lean and effective marketing team uses digital channels to acquire and retain users.

1 Challenge

Relevance Is the Heart of Well-Performing Advertising

Migros wanted to scale acquisition and retention campaigns for two websites and four apps, while maintaining a segmented campaign structure to reach users. Migros' lean marketing team faced some challenges in managing and optimizing all the apps and campaigns effectively.   

As Migros has various product groups on the apps, they wanted to communicate with their audiences using related creatives on their Dynamic Ads, where they spent most of the budget.

2 Solution

Automatically Automated Budgets And Customized Creatives

Migros automated their whole advertising account and used Smartly.io’s Predictive Budget Allocation with Budget Pools to allocate budgets automatically between the different campaigns. . 

They also used Smartly.io’s Image Templates and created various designs for each application and website that offer organic, premium, or general groceries to different audiences.


3 Results

AI Budget Automation Merges with Related Dynamic Creatives Results in +267% ROAS

Migros was able to increase their ROAS by 267% and decrease Cost-per-Purchase by 69% without any manual work by using Smartly.io’s Image Templates on Dynamic Product Ads and Predictive Budget Allocation, which allocates the budget between different campaigns.

"It was challenge for us to allocate budget among numerous campaigns and optimize them. We grouped campaigns which have same goal by creating budget pools for each goal. With the help of Budget Pool feature of Smartly.io, we used our budget strategically and more effectively."

Ibrahim Tecimen, Digital Marketing & CRM & Data Analytics Manager





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