Property Finder Automates Execution of On-Brand Localized Ads

Property Finder is a leading real estate and rental marketplace across the Middle East and North Africa. As part of their marketing services, they run a large volume of campaigns for local agents and agencies. Property Finder partnered with to automate creation and management of such campaigns, creating on-brand localized ads at scale.

1 Challenge

How to Create and Update Dozens of Ads for Local Agents?

Property Finder was looking to manually create dozens of individual campaigns for agents’ home listings across the UAE. Each agent had his or her own set of housing listings in different areas. The workflow was going to be arduous and complex. The process was complicated further as each agent had their daily budget to spend, and the listings themselves were categorized as either for rent or sale and consequently, had different audience targeting.

Doing this manually would have required a lot of hours spent creating and managing these campaigns. Additionally, Property Finder would have needed a significant amount of effort to take agent provided images and customize their look and feel to be personalized and on-brand.

2 Solution

Automatically Optimized Ads from a Feed

Property Finder partnered with to make use of’s feed-based Automated Ads solution, which fully automates ad creation and ad buying for such campaigns.

Property Finder started using a simple Google spreadsheet as a feed, which had all the required data needed for automation including:

  • Agents and their listings 
  • Location
  • Price
  • Message copy
  • Landing page URL with utm tags
  • Image source
  • Daily budgets for each agent
  • Targeted custom audiences

Combining their feed data with’s Dynamic Image Templates, they were able to create personalized ads, which included overlays with agent information, listing specifics and unified branding, at scale. As also pulled daily budgets and custom audiences from the feed, they were able to automate the creation and management of ad sets within the campaign. 


3 Results

Hours of Manual Work Automated, Personalization at Scale

As Property Finder works with multiple internal and external stakeholders when launching a new product, it is critical that they can react fast when requirements change. Property Finder benefited from immense time savings with’s Automated Ads set-up, resulting in 10x faster campaign creation. They were able to create dozens of ad sets and ads in a matter of minutes, which they also updated automatically. Without, they would have spent hours every week to create and manage these campaigns.

The campaign also saw strong results in reaching close to a million property seekers in UAE, driving traffic to the agents’ respective landing pages and getting conversions. Overall, Property Finder saw a decrease in Purchase CPA of 70% due to increased automation and improved creative with


"We estimate that's Automated Ads feature has increased the speed at which we can implement proof-of-concept products by a factor of 10. We can now measure our total campaign launch and management time in hours rather than weeks, making us a better partner to our clients and helping us provide a better service for our users."

- Leon Mantock, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Property Finder



Faster Campaign Creation


Purchase CPA

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