Travix Sees Rapid Growth With Automated Creative and Retargeting

Travix is a global online travel company operating in 28 countries as they help thousands of people daily to find the best flights.

1 Challenge

Wanting Implementations and Automation

Travix was looking for a partner to help them with feed and pixel implementations and with marketing automation.

2 Solution

Easy Customization and Budget Optimization helped Travix implement feed-based retargeting on Facebook and move from FBX to Dynamic Ads for Products.

To personlize their flight ads, Travix applied’s Dynamic Image Templates to render millions of product images on-demand.

In addition, they utilized’s Predictive Budget Allocation to optimize the budget distribution across ad sets and Ad Rotation to keep the ad creatives fresh.

3 Results

With the help of, Travix increased their sales by 400% in six months.

" has been amazing during our global roll-out in over 28 countries, automating our social media activities has significantly decreased use of our FTE (full-time equivalent). Whether we’re working in Singapore, Amsterdam or San Jose,’s customer service really stands out in terms of response time, effectiveness and quality.”

– Jan Zwarthoed, Online Marketeer, Travix International


Increase in Sales

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