Línio Runs Retargeting Ads With Game-Changing Quality

Linio.com is the largest online store selling technology, personal care, fashion,entertainment, books, movies and more in Latin America.

1 Challenge

Massive E-Commerce Brand Seeks Retargeting Success

Linio relies strongly on digital marketing, including Facebook advertising, to reach and engage its customers. They wanted to reactivate users with high purchase intention by targeting them with customized ad content, but a main concern was to achieve high quality creatives. 

2 Solution

Dynamic Image Templates: Quality + Customization

Smartly.io Dynamic Image Templates provided Linio with the possibility to:

1. Adjust product feed images to meet Facebook creative guidelines and not be cropped in unexpected ways

2. Add relevant content, such as product name and discounted price directly to an image, making creatives more engaging

3 Results

Bigger Results, Lower Spend

The dynamic product ads created with Dynamic Image Templates quickly outpaced Linio's regular retargeting campaigns, with 3.1 times the CTR and a 68% decrease in CPA. 

"Creating Dynamic Product Ads is one thing but to be able to launch Page Post Ads through Dynamic Creatives that actually look much better than the normal RT banner is something only Smartly could provide us."

– Ankit Khemka,
Group Head Social Media and Mobile, Linio


Decrease in CPA

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