RumourJuice Scaled х10 Using Automated Ads Campaigns

Genesis Media is one of the biggest media companies in the world with 220 million unique users globally. RumourJuice, part of Genesis Media, is a fast-growing entertainment media project reaching high eCPM audiences in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

1 Challenge

Scale Nimbly While Maintaining CPA Levels

When RumourJuice’s team found a positive ROI model, their next challenge was to scale quickly without affecting the CPA. Since their marketing and content analytics were housed separately, it proved problematic as they would need to run a lot of tests and launch more campaigns than they were used to.

2 Solution Pivot Tables Gives Better Control Over ROAS

Integration with Google Analytics and Pivot Tables enabled setup of automated rules based on user’s actions on the website, giving better control over ROAS and helped prevent inefficient spend without increasing CPA.

Through Google Analytics integration, RumourJuice’s team was able to track and enable automatic changes to campaigns, ad sets and ads through the triggers within’s Optimization Strategies:

  • Bounce rate

  • Depth as a custom metric (Pageviews / Sessions)

  • Average session duration

  • Number of sessions

  • Number of page views

  • CPA GA session

The efficient feed set up for Automated Ads contained the following fields related to the content pieces published on RumourJuice’s media platforms:

  • Smartly ID

  • Internal Article ID

  • Saved Audience

  • Ad Type

  • Status (Active / Paused)

  • Experiment (Yes / No)

  • Headline

  • Message

  • URL

  • Image URL 1

  • Image URL 2

  • Image URL 3


3 Results

Increased Site Traffic x10

Automated Ads helped us increase site traffic х10 and launch twice more ads, shaving off time otherwise spent on manual setup and optimization by 65%. 


“ inspires us to go beyond our routine work and try new approaches - always accompanied by great 24/5 assistance”

 Stefania Grygorash, Marketing Manager at Genesis Media



Time Spent Reduced


Traffic Increase


Page Views

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