Skyscanner Scales Facebook Advertising with Automation

Skyscanner is a global travel search engine that compares over 1000 airlines and millions of routes to find the cheapest flights and best deals on hotels and car rentals.

1 Challenge

Scaling Paid Social while Decreasing Manual Work

Skyscanner was looking for new ways to scale social media marketing and radically decrease their manual workload.

Focused on quality, Skyscanner needed technical experts that they could reach and rely on in even the most challenging situations, and also had stringent stability requirements.

The Facebook marketing environment changes constantly and Skyscanner needed a partner who would keep pace with the new feature launches. 

2 Solution

Automate and Optimize Smartly helped Skyscanner automate campaign management with Predictive Budget Allocation. This minimized the campaign CPA (cost per action) level automatically.

Predictive Budget Allocation continuously reallocated the campaign budget between ad sets to maximize the expected number of future conversions and minimize CPA level.

Skyscanner also used’s automated page post promotion feature. It enabled them to set performance rules to automatically promote the best posts from their Facebook page. This helped automate manual work while driving cost per action down.

3 Results

Scaling Made Easy

By leveraging’s Predictive Budget Allocation and Automated Page Post Promoting, Skyscanner significantly scaled its marketing activity and acquired new customers without increasing its workload as a result.

Marketing volume increased by a staggering 146 % without compromising the CPA that decreased by 27 %*


Increase in Marketing Volume

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