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Spark Networks, a leading global dating company with a widening portfolio of premium and freemium apps, wanted to scale its Facebook advertising. They also wanted to build its ad operations team in-house while merging with Zoosk, a US-based online dating service available in more than 80 countries.

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Facebook & Instagram advertising moved in-house

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Managing and Scaling Campaigns for Premium Brands Across Markets

Spark Networks needed help with managing and scaling their campaigns across some of their existing premium brands in the US, Canada, Australia, and Russia while maintaining smooth and efficient operations during the transition time.

They were also looking to consolidate campaign management, optimization, tracking and reporting in a single platform. 

4 Solution's Managed Service Team and AI-Based Technology

Spark Networks chose as their exclusive Facebook Marketing Partner for managing their marketing activities across four markets.’s Managed Service ensured that all campaigns were transferred onto the platform smoothly.

During this six month period,'s Customer Success Managers:

  • Restructured multiple existing Facebook campaigns into a new streamlined structure.
  • Rebuilt all campaigns and relaunched under the existing Facebook accounts, each with a newly optimized ad set structure following Facebook’s Power 5 Approach
  • Enabled Spark to integrate their server to server data into

The combination of’s AI-based optimization technology “Budget Pools” and “Ad rotation” enabled Spark Networks and the Managed Service team to optimize the budgets and performance efficiently based on Spark Networks’ own internal attribution model.

The customized reporting views available in allowed both Spark Networks and to monitor and track the performance of Facebook's campaigns to ensure the ROI goal was met and adjustments were made WoW based on performance.

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5 Outcome

Efficiently In-Housing Social Advertising With Improved ROI's Managed Service team helped Spark Networks' team to maintain and develop their presence in some of their key markets while helping them to improve their ROI MoM. Performance metrics showed an overall improvement MoM of 78%

Spark Networks team was able to move all their Facebook and Instagram programs in-house successfully after the termination of the Managed Service Agreement. Additionally, they started to scale the campaigns for Zoosk together with's integration with their mobile measurement partner.

"The Managed Service was an excellent way to discover all the different features within the tool while also taking the most advantage of the professional team has to offer. Our campaigns' success and how we're using in-house is speaking for itself about how happy we are with"

-Anice Alexander Datzmann, Head of Display Marketing, Spark Networks

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