Toto & Greenhouse Group – Betting on Real-Time Relevancy

Toto is the only legal provider of sportsbetting in the Netherlands. It is part of Nederlandse Loterij since 2016, which is the overarching organisation containing 7 lottery and gambling companies. Their agency Greenhouse Group is the only certified Agency Partner in the Netherlands.

1 Challenge

Frequently Changing Ads

In sports betting, the odds are always changing. The star football player sprains his ankle, or the basketball coach announces on Twitter that he'll experiment with a new team formation. With over 50,000 sports events a year, and an average of 250 odds changes a day, Toto faces quite the challenge when it comes to advertising. As Google’s gambling policy doesn't allow retargeting on search, Toto wanted to explore other options to follow up on people who expressed interest in a certain match or competition.

The challenge for Toto’s agency, Greenhouse Group, was simple, yet difficult: advertise Toto’s extensive and volatile range of betting options, attracting both new and recurring players. The budget was practically unlimited – as long as everything stayed within Toto’s return on ad spend (ROAS) target, so efficiency was key.

2 Solution

Fully Automated Dynamic Advertising

Greenhouse Group used to create a fully automated dynamic advertising campaign on Facebook. The campaign combined several data sources like Google Analytics, social platforms, and on-site intention to retarget people who expressed interest in a certain competition, e.g. the English Premier League or the Dutch Eredivisie.

Using's Automated Ads, they were able to automatically combine & update ad components including the featured match, ad text, ad imagery, and betting odds. Using's automated optimization, budgets were adjusted based on the results of each promotion for maximum efficiency.

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Implementation: From Toto, to Channable, to

Greenhouse Group created a feed with feed-management tool Channable, consisting of 3 elements:

1. An XML feed with Toto’s offers, which is continuously updated with the latest odds.

2. Google Analytics data, which for instance lists the total number of unique transactions per match, which then can be used to prioritize the match selection per competition or overall.

3. Additional input to ensure the feed contains all necessary information, as well as a manual competition specific override.

This masterfeed was then imported into Based on pre-designed business rules, matched all this data with relevant ad components in a predesigned template.


3 Results

82% Lower CPA

The setup allowed Toto to show the most relevant football matches, with minimal manual work and creation costs. Within 4 months, the cost per click dropped by 24%, and CTR increased by 92% - clearly demonstrating the increase in relevance. The performance also increased further down the funnel: the cost per action for selecting a bet decreased by 82%. Due to the excellent scalability of this campaign, the total spend increased with over 400%, while keeping a positive ROI. More importantly, higher relevance is a great step towards more consumer friendly marketing for Toto.

The campaign was also recognized in the industry and won silver at DIA (Dutch Interactive Awards) in the Data category.

Greenhouse Group are the only certified Agency Partner in the Netherlands - find out more about our Agency Partner Program here.


Lower CPA


Increase in Users


Higher CTR

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