Trade Tested & NMPi - Overachieved ROI by 20% with Dynamic, Personalized Creatives

Trade Tested is New Zealand’s favorite online outdoor hardware store that has been delivering products to more than 250,000 customers nationwide since 2011. Trade Tested’s performance marketing is run by NMPi, an award-winning digital marketing agency with over 14 years of experience delivering global campaigns.

1 Challenge

Scaling Spend and Ensuring Positive ROI During Peak Season

Sun’s out, (BBQ) buns out. With a growing demand for outdoor furniture and gardening tools during the busy end-of-year season, NMPi had to think outside the box to generate solid total marketing and re-marketing ROI for Trade Tested.

2 Solution

Planting Lush Creatives and Optimization for Performance

On the paid social front, NMPi optimized for Facebook pixel data with its Campaign Budget Optimization. Combined with’s Predictive Budget Allocation (PBA), they ensured to spend the budgets as effectively as possible. Facebook’s native optimization algorithms that automatically adjusted budgets across ad sets coupled with PBA, helped maximize campaign performance.

To ensure stable conversion rate on ads, NMPi partnered with’s Creative Studio to produce a highly customized image template for all Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) activity.

NMPi and wanted to highlight different aspects of each product using a single image template for carousel ads - a preferred DPA format of Trade Tested:

* Sale price with reviews OR without reviews

* Retail price with reviews OR without reviews

The Dynamic Image Template displayed custom product information following the requirements of Trade Tested - all within a single carousel.


3 Results

Blazing Results on Marketing ROI 

The campaign outperformed the preceding year’s metrics:

  • Total average ROI increased by 5% despite an increase of total Q4 budget by 95%
  • Overall re-marketing ROI increased by 20% - significant improvement since focusing on DPAs and the re-marketing strategy
  • Conversion rate remained relatively unchanged during the quarter despite doubling spend compared to the same time the previous year  - an affirmation that their retargeting strategy was effective
“The partnership with’s Creative Studio maximized the performance of the campaign, signaling that we’re targeting the right audience with the right creatives.”

Jeanine Nagel , Digital Media Manager, NMPi Digital


Increase in Total Average ROI


Increase in Total Remarketing ROI

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