Uber Brings Ad Operations In-House

Uber Technologies Inc. is a ridesharing, food delivery, and transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco with operations in over 600 cities worldwide.

1 Challenge

How to Scale While Building an In-House Team

Ride-sharing company Uber operates in dozens of cities across the EMEA region. Uber EMEA was rapidly scaling its Facebook advertising while building its ad operations team. Uber needed help to audit and restructure hundreds of existing EMEA campaigns while maintaining smooth and efficient operations during the transition time. 

How could they consolidate campaign management, optimization, and reporting on a single platform without compromising performance?

2 Solution

Managed Onboarding for a Smooth Transition

Smartly.io was chosen as Uber’s exclusive Facebook Marketing Partner for the EMEA region. Smartly.io’s Managed Onboarding service type ensured that all campaigns were transferred to the platform smoothly. During this two month period, Smartly.io Customer Success Managers restructured multiple existing Facebook campaigns into a new streamlined structure. All campaigns were rebuilt and relaunched under a new account, each with a newly optimized ad set structure. 

Smartly.io rebuilt the campaigns to focus on high reach audiences that were optimized with Facebook’s Optimized CPM (oCPM) bidding type. Uber previously tested a variety of audience segmentation strategies, but as its product was popular amongst a large number of people, ad sets performed best when they were targeted to broad, general population audiences in each market. All campaigns were consolidated to use the minimum number of ad sets for efficiency and ease of management.

The combination of a lightweight, in-house setup and Smartly.io’s platform drastically reduced the amount of manual work needed to manage campaigns.

3 Results

5-10% Higher Performance  

Uber was able to reach a higher performance with a stable cost per signup, thanks to the help of Smartly.io

"As a fast-moving brand, Uber needed a
fast-moving FMP and Smartly.io has been just
that. Smartly.io was integral to shifting Uber’s
approach to Facebook, and optimizing the
setup of Uber’s ad accounts for the future.
They continue to provide exceptional support
even after the transition."

Andy Spry, Paid Social Lead (EMEA), Uber



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