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1 Situation

Increasing the Budgets

Finlayson is a renowned textile company that was founded in Finland in 1820. Finlayson is known for their beautiful designs, bold yet classic patterns, and having collections made out of recycled materials in their offering. The company has the ambition to become the world’s most transparent textile manufacturer. They are also advocates for social issues and known for their bold statements on topics such as gender equality and diversity.

Arvo Partners has been Finlayson’s digital partner since June 2016, and two years into their partnership, the CEO approached them with the question: “How much should we spend on our summer sale campaigns?”



Facebook Sales




ROAS on DPA Campaigns

2 Solution

DPA Campaigns and Attractive Ads with Image Templates helped Arvo Partners  to tackle the challenge and together they set up the Summer Sales campaign that ran over numerous weeks (mostly in July).  The campaign was planned in several phases to give the customer different messages over the course of the campaign. 

Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) campaigns were a crucial part of the Summer Sales campaign. In order to make the ads more captivating and to make them stand out on the feed, Arvo Partners used’s bespoke tool Image Templates.  With’s tool, Arvo Partners was able to add custom fonts, colors, and labels and a campaign badge on top of the products to maintain their brand integrity. 

At the beginning of the campaign, the Dynamic Product Ads were in the second phase of the funnel, or even further down. The audience size of the ‘view/add to cart’ audience depended on the amount of interest the Finlayson products had gathered before the launch of the campaign. If the pool was small, the DPA campaign played an important part as the next step to other sales campaigns (such as more general Facebook campaigns, website visitors from Google Ads, Instagram visitors etc.).

As the campaign continued, the audience pool for the product “view/add to cart” grew. At that point, the campaign could use its own intelligence to improve, and Arvo Partners could establish Conversion Lookalike Audiences. The lookalike audiences helped Arvo Partners to target customers broadly, and thus establish a prospective machine learning with high conversion rates.

With the help of enough volume and historical data, these Conversion Lookalike Audiences became integral parts of the overall campaign. Suddenly the campaign was not a next step in the funnel, but Arvo Partners were able to broaden the funnel and make it smarter with even better targeting.

The DPA campaign was constantly under careful management. Budgets, bids, and targeting were checked and managed while the audience pool was growing. On the last day of the campaign, Arvo Partners edited the messages to last-minute deals. That day brought in a record-breaking amount of conversions.Asset 4@3x

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3 Results

A DPA Campaign With A 1048% ROAS 

The Summer Sales campaigns had a ROAS of 427%, of which the DPA campaign had a ROAS of 1048%.  

Additionally, Finlayson’s Facebook sales grew by 78 % (year on year) and the DPA campaign in particular stood for 43 % of the sales, while spending just 15 % of the budget.

And, how much did Arvo Partners increase the budget in the end? They increased it only by 25% - thanks to the DPA focus, which brought them a 78 % increase in sales.

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