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Competition info

In support of the exciting release of our Unified Creative Editor experience, Smartly.io is proud to announce our first ever Image & Video Template Design Competition!

We’re giving away great prizes (and bragging rights) to the designers who can create the most beautiful and functional Image or Video Template designs. Bonus points if they scale!


The best Image or Video Template design will win a $500 Amazon* gift card. Two runner ups will receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

*See rules regarding local gift card alternatives.

How to enter:


To enter the competition, design a beautifully scalable template in Smartly.io, and enter the design to either the Image Template or the Video Template categories. You will need a Smartly.io user account for this.


Once you're happy with your design, grab the preview link to it from the Creative Editor. Navigate to the entry form and submit your design with the link.

See the detailed instructions.


The designs will appear in the gallery. Our jury will review the entires and award the best template designs.

The Image & Video Templates are selected on an overall score based on, but not limited to, the following criteria: quality of work, aesthetics creativity & delivery of message.

Design Gallery

Check out the Image and Video Templates that our community has already created as entries for the design competition.

Deliveroo X Hyperlocal Rx Selection
T.M.Lewin On Brand DPA Overlays
Black Widow By Keith
Black Friday Deals Image Template 2
Black Friday Deals Image Template
Mustard Passion By Keith
Cyber Monday Footwear Image Template 2
Hotel Carousel
Example Image Template 2
Example Video Template 2
Example Video Template 1
Example Image Template 1

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Creative Editor

A cornerstone of Smartly.io's SaaS platform, the Creative Editor enables designers (and marketers!) to produce brand safe image and video assets at scale. The features are built for automation and ease of use. We also support designs created in Photoshop!

Image & Video Templates

Whether designing social images or videos, for catalog ads or brand building, for stories or the feed, our Image and Video Templates will help you scale fast. Design once, and produce infinitely. Each design can be built on automation that brings your brand and message to life in endless variations without adding any production hours.

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