Competition page:


To submit an entry to the Image & Video Template Competitions, you need to have access to the platform and the Creative Editor.

To submit your design entry, take the following steps:

  • Create your template design in's Creative Editor
  • Export a single preview of the template it using the Preview button
  • Wait for your preview to completely load
  • Copy the preview link from the browser's address bar
  • Navigate to the competition webpage
  • Click Submit your design
  • Paste the copied link into the assigned field and fill your name, email, and design title
  • Read the rules and privacy policy and check to box to indicate you agree
  • Submit the entry! Your design will appear in the gallery in a few minutes

After the competition is over, our jury will decide the winners from the entries. We will use the name and email address submitted in the form along the design to contact the winners.

Submitting your design instructions as a recording

The video above shows instructions for submitting a Video Template design from the Creative Editor. The steps are the same for Image Templates as well. The Preview button can be found in the same place for all template types.

Tips for designing your template

We encourage all competition participants to design for scalable creative production. This means that while it's not mandatory, the template design should work with varying creative elements. For example, if you have a product picture and price shown in your design, the template should still look just as great regardless of replacing the picture and price with those of another design. 

To test how your template functions with varying copy, image and videos, consider connecting an automation feed or using a catalog to bring in dynamic content to the template. You can also use's Modular Creative solution to include handpicked creative content that is automatically used in each possible combination.

Remember, if you are using an automation feed to bring in dynamic content from a data source like a list of products or destinations, you can also include multiple items in one template variation. For example, a Video Template can highlight three top destinations in a row.

Our rules mandate that you create original designs and do not use any brand assets. You are allowed to create imaginary logos or company names and taglines to bring some brand presence into your designs. If you need images or videos to use in your design, but do not have a subscription to a stock image service, you can try free services like Unsplash or Pexels.