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The Design Competition has concluded for the year 2021. You can see details about the competition and view the full gallery of designs here. On the page you can also learn more about the Creative Editor that was used to create all the designs that were sent to the competition.

Below are the designs for the main prize and for the two runner up designs, as selected by our jury.

Main prize

The main prize was awarded to the design "Pixel Renewed"

The feedback from our jury praised the following things about the template and design:

  • Creative use of transitions
  • Beautiful and unique use of sound
  • Great at grabbing attention right away
  • The product is shown quickly and centered
  • Ticker tape animation is a cool touch and shows skill
  • Flashy design without need of complex graphics
  • Can be scaled across different sales and product verticals

Runner ups/honorable mentions

The jury selected two additional designs, one Video Template and one Image Template, that they felt really showcased skill in creating the design using the Creative Editor, and a good eye for design.


Bag template




Praise from the jury:

  • Simple and clear, stylish
  • Product in focus
  • USP is clear, CTA is present
  • Draws attention to the sale
  • Fun design for the "% off"




"Bad a** template for car rental"

Praise from the jury:

  • Great use of animation and features in the editor
  • Customizable for other verticals/brands
  • Could be connected to a fees as well for template content
  • Best practices like showing brand/company right away and being product centered