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Enhance Your Weekly Ads with Digital Circulars

Transform your print circulars into personalized ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.



It's Time to Take Your Offers From Print to Social 

Print offers have played a major role in marketing strategies over the years; however, digitalizing them can be difficult and time-consuming. Customizing price and promotions for each store location is a manual process, and changing these out week over week is not feasible without automation. 

With’s Digital Circulars, brands can automatically create campaigns for hyper-localized weekly deals on mobile across Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Now, brands can bypass the manual, error-prone work of updating campaigns and creatives on a weekly basis.

Introducing’s Digital Circulars


Digitize Your Print Circulars or Catalogs

Maintain localization provided by traditional print circulars by using a weekly offers feed or data source to power Digital Circular campaign creation and show real-time product information and availability at the region- or store-level.


Personalize Ads in Ways That Print Can't

Surface the most attractive promotions to each user with relevant products via precise targeting such as DMA, zip code, and store-radius level. And the cherry on top: call out store conditions and flexible shopping options such as curbside pickup, delivery areas, store hours, and maps to the nearest location.

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Breathe New Life Into Your Creatives

Leverage your print assets in’s Dynamic Creative Tools to tailor Digital Circular creatives to each user with visual branding such as colors, borders, and overlays that update in real-time with your catalog feed. Group multiple products by category to enhance discovery within your weekly ads.


Reduce Manual Work and Human Error

Automate and templatize your Digital Circulars to launch ever-changing campaigns and refresh new deals each week. Easily adjust bidding based on geographic location, audience lists, and more to drive the highest value.

How it works

Upload a weekly offers feed or data source to your account. Any updates made in the feed automatically update your social ads. By leveraging our customizable templates, you have creative freedom in how you display different groups of products while maintaining consistent branding.

Digital Circulars in Action:


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