Connect with Consumers Throughout Their Shopping Journey

With the accelerated digital transformation, e-commerce saw a 44% year-over-year growth in 2020 with no signs of slowing down in the coming years. Now is the time to connect with your customers to build loyal and long-lasting relationships.


Online Shopping Accelerated Overnight

With the rise in online shopping, e-commerce brands need scalable ways to connect with shoppers across social platforms to drive sales and attract both new and returning customers. unifies creative, media, and data into one platform, empowering advertisers to deliver personalized experiences at scale (with less resources) with customized messaging, real-time inventory, flash sales, and delivery & return conditions.

La Redoute Uses On-Brand Retargeting Creatives to Decrease CPA 12-38% Across Platforms

By combining’s dynamic Image Templates with Snapchat and Pinterest’s powerful retargeting methods, La Redoute delivers more effective ads to their audiences.


Unlock Your E-Commerce Performance with


Stand Out From the Competition and Attract Online Shoppers

Design customized image and video ads across social platforms that showcase brand elements alongside up-to-date product information from your catalog, such as prices or inventory.

Fight creative fatigue and ensure you’re serving fresh, relevant ads to your shoppers by automatically rotating or pausing creatives based on time, frequency, and performance.

Scaling video with up-to-date products and prices wouldn't be possible without a creative automation solution. We look forward to scaling our video advertising even further with Video Templates.
Sadie Daryan | Global Sr. Manager, Channel Incubation

test and learn STRATEGIES

Test Your Way To Creative Success

Leverage ad studies to easily test different product imagery, pricing layouts, and CTAs—such as flash sales, discounts or free shipping.

Tag and track creative elements in your ads to easily discover what drives site visitation and purchases, paving the way for informed future creative planning.’s robust testing and creative automation solution combined with hands-on guidance have been transformative to our customer journey. We’re driving higher engagement and revenue sustainably.
Sayem Mustafa | Head of Digital

Automated workflows

Optimize Campaigns to Focus on Highest Value Customers

Integrate any third-party data source (such as Mobile Measurement Partners or Server-to-Server) to automatically optimize campaigns based on performance and scale customer acquisition.

Swap manual monitoring for automated, performance-based rules and triggers to pre-program or scale budgets for specific time periods that outperform.

Smartly triggers have allowed us to save time while achieving diligent, customized optimization 24/7.
Rob Schutz | Head of Growth

real-time insights

Create a Single Source-of-Truth for Intelligent Reporting

Leverage flexible reporting views to drill down into performance by product category, offer, and more. Combine third-party data integrations and custom-defined KPIs—such as average order value, basket size, or ROI—to optimize strategies, reach new, high-quality customers, and drive sales.

With's help, we managed to save on 15% of manpower while improving our return on ad spend by 20%, all on Facebook advertising.
Joey Chen | Chief Marketing Officer

Global Social Advertising Trends in 2022

How Retail Brands Are Adapting to Disruption and Changing Consumer Habits in the Next Year.


Fabletics and Savage X Fenty Drive Performance During the Holidays

TechStyle leveraged the platform to scale their efforts on Pinterest by automating their Pin creation and optimizing their campaigns across their different brands.


Techstyle Finds Success with Bid Multipliers

Techstyle found success with Bid Multipliers, an advanced optimization feature available through Bid Multipliers allows performance marketers to control how much they bid for different segments of an audience, without having to create adset splits.


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