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With the accelerated digital transformation, 94% of global gaming fans play on mobile, and the number of users betting online has grown 63% this year alone. Now is the time to acquire the users of tomorrow, from game players to sports betters and beyond.


Drive New User Acquisition with a Multi-Platform Approach

As players face new gaming opportunities in the market, advertisers need a way to connect with users across the player's journey from discovery and download to first-time deposit. unifies creative, media, and data into a single platform, empowering brands to launch personalized experiences at scale (with less resources) to drive acquisition and retention across social platforms.

FanDuel Teams up with to Drive Down CPIs on Snap by 16%

Within the first month of launching this Dynamic Ad campaign on Snapchat, FanDuel saw a 16% decrease in both Cost per Install and Cost per Registration, as well as a 21% decrease in Cost per First Time Deposit (FanDuel's number one KPI).


Scale High-Value User Acquisition with


Leverage Data-Fueled Creatives to Drive Downloads

Transform your team’s static assets into mobile-first Video Templates to design creatives across markets, formats, or social platforms.

Showcase real-time, personalized information in your ads, such as localized languages, install incentives, or ever-changing betting odds to drive high-value user acquisition.

FanDuel can now deliver relevant, time-sensitive creatives to our Snapchat audiences in a way that wasn't possible through the native tool. This has led to a 21% decrease in our main goal: Cost per First Time Deposit.
Sherrie Hang | Senior Manager of Media & Demand Generation


Deliver Relevant Creatives and Reach Users with Ease

Fight creative fatigue and ensure you’re serving fresh, relevant ads to your players by automatically rotating creatives based on time and frequency or automatically pausing underperforming ads measured against any KPI.

Leverage ad studies to identify which creative elements drive app installs, trial conversions, first-time deposits, purchases, and more.

We were delighted with the results from’s feed-based automated jackpot ads, strong campaign cut-through based on app installs, ad recall, as well as significant increase in consideration.
Onam Khatri | Performance Media Manager


Optimize Campaigns with Intelligent Automation

Swap manual monitoring for automated, performance-based rules and triggers to pre-program ads or scale budgets for specific time periods such as game or launch days.

Integrate any third-party data source (such as Mobile Measurement Partners or Server-to-Server) to automatically optimize campaigns and budgets based on cohorts or any in-app event like tutorial completion, lifetime value, purchase, or cost per first-time deposit. is an important tool for Ubisoft UA team to help executing Facebook campaigns at a scale with the large number of games we work with. The platform’s automation features and smart workflows save us countless hours of manual work.
Saikala Sultanova | Director of User Acquisition

REAL-time insights

Level-Up Your Social Advertising Performance

Bring all of your data sources into one arena to track performance and gain actionable insights across your social platforms.

Leverage real-time data from third-party data integrations and custom-defined KPIs to optimize strategies, reach new, high-quality users, and improve engagement with existing users. has helped us break through the business development bottleneck by achieving rapid growth in revenue and ROI, while greatly improving the efficiency of our digital advertising.
Mike | CMO

Global Social Advertising Trends in 2022

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Keno Hits the Jackpot with 38X More New Customers

Together with, Keno acquired 38X more new customers while reducing cost-per-acquisition by 97%.


Coolwin Games Gained 34% ROAS with Cohort Optimization

Coolwin Games wanted to run a series of cohort optimisations automatically, in an almost immediate fashion. They achieved up to 34% incremental performance on their return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) with


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