Unlock Grocery Shopper Engagement 

Connect with grocery shoppers at scale with personalisation and localisation across social channels to boost online delivery, click-and-collect (O2O) orders and store sales.


The New Era of Online Grocery Shopping Is Here

As more grocery shoppers moved online, retailers are seeking scalable ways to connect with customers across social channels and drive adoption of initiatives such as delivery and click-and-collect (O2O) orders. With online grocery buying increasing by 30% globally since the start of the 2020 pandemic, it's more important than ever to effectively communicate your weekly offers to keep consumers satisfied — both online and in stores. helps retailers launch localised offers at scale by targeting shoppers with customised messaging, local store inventory, local pricing and store conditions.

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Stand Out from the Ad Clutter and Attract Grocery Shoppers 

Seamlessly create thousands of on-brand ads 
Produce customised image and video ads using's Dynamic Template Tools that combine brand elements such as your logo, along with products and store information from your catalogue.

Transform your existing creatives
Easily repurpose your winning creatives from other social channels.

"’s automation capabilities have allowed us to save thousands of hours in creative production and implementation. It allowed us to turn around campaigns in hours, not days, giving the team greater time to focus on campaign performance rather than setup.”

Anthony Cooper, Digital Marketing Technical Specialist, Dan Murphy’s


Scale Up Local Area Marketing

Easily promote local store offers 

Turn your weekly store offers into evergreen digital catalogues across social channels that automatically refresh each week.

Showcase online and local store pricing

Highlight your products, pricing, in-store availability and store conditions, opening hours, delivery areas, store addresses and maps.

Reach local shoppers 

Reach shoppers who are close to your stores with radius and postcode targeting.

"Digital Catalogues across our social platforms have been a critical asset in our marketing mix for driving incremental sales and standing out from our competitors. The automated feeds have allowed us to deliver personalised messages in half the time, and we have the results to show for it. We can't wait to continue to elaborate on the format.”

Bram Molenaar, Digital Media Specialist, Albert Heijn


Optimise for Online Delivery and Store Sales 

Focus on your most valuable shoppers
Drive better results by bidding based on geographic location, audience lists, platform and more.

Allocate your spend to top performing stores 
Automatically shift budgets between stores, and scale based on actual in-store purchases.

"’s Automated Ads allows us to communicate our offers to new customer segments - who now have an even bigger reason to visit our stores with promotions they receive on their mobile screens."

André Svartman, General Manager, Walmart Brazil


Analyze Omni-Channel Results

Uncover online and store-level insights

Connect your online ads to your offline data to drill down on performance by location, postcode, product categories and offers.

Measure your results 

Easily monitor your performance by customising your reporting views with custom metrics such as store-specific contribution margins.

"Discovering the best performing ad formats for Carrefour’s needs is a key component of a successful digital strategy for us. enabled us to easily test and identify success factors to grow our digital sales channel without compromising profitability."

Carmen Bramato, Digital Marketing Manager, Carrefour Italia

Unlock Grocery Shopper Engagement  

Connect with grocery shoppers at scale with personalisation and localisation across social channels to boost online delivery, click-and-collect (O2O) orders and store sales.


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