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Ensure All Eyes (and Ears) Are on Your Content

Despite the return of in-person events, virtual entertainment is here to stay, as the market for online content grew by a staggering 37% in 2020—and the appetite shows no signs of slowing down in the coming years. 


Tailor Your Content to Grab the Attention of Today’s Media Audiences

To stand out and connect with both online audiences and those ready to return to the stadiums, entertainment providers need flexible ways to help launch new offerings, reduce cost per trial and cost per purchase, and increase customer lifetime value. unifies creative, media, and data into one platform to streamline operations and scale creatives (across titles, artists, events, and more) to drive subscriptions, increase ticket purchases, and attract visitors across social platforms.

Stubhub Outperforms ROAS Goals by 37%

StubHub tested the incrementality of video by first running their standard evergreen dynamic ad campaigns using the carousel format on Facebook for MLB. Return on Ad Spend exceeded its evergreen goal by 37%. Additionally, Click Through Rate was two times higher than standard campaigns.



Stand Out From the Competition and Attract Subscribers

Connect any data source to scale creative production across real-time pricing, localized offers such as free trials or in-person events, “trending” titles or artists, and languages to tailor content and resonate with your targeted audiences.

Learn how StubHub leveraged’s Video Templates to outperform ROAS goals by 37%


PersonalizED OFFERS

Deliver Relevant Ads to Help Audiences Discover Content with Ease

Fight creative fatigue and ensure you’re serving fresh, relevant ads to your viewers and listeners by automatically rotating or pausing creatives based on time, frequency, and performance's toolkit for Automated Ads has made overwhelming and mundane design tasks feasible for our designers as one template equals an endless amount of ads.
Oscar Sivertzen | Head of Social Production


Optimize Campaigns to Focus on Highest Value Audiences

Integrate any third-party data source (such as Mobile Measurement Partners or Server-to-Server) to automatically optimize campaigns towards highest lifetime value audiences and scale subscriptions and purchases.

Swap manual monitoring for automated, performance-based rules and triggers to pre-program or scale budgets for specific time periods that outperform.

The use of's automation dramatically improved our workflow, and has allowed us to scale this campaign to manage hundreds of ads per month with great results...
Vanhatalo van Rijn | Head of Performance Marketing


Create a Single Source-of-Truth for Intelligent Reporting

Bring all of your data sources into one central hub to track performance and gain actionable insights across your social platforms. Leverage real-time data from third-party data integrations and custom-defined KPIs to optimize strategies, reach new, high-quality subscribers, and improve engagement with existing audiences.

We at Merkle create data-driven campaigns to challenge the current marketing landscape to be more relevant. helps us making more relevant campaigns and the great results prove that this is working.
Daniëlle Antonis | Sr. online marketing consultant

Global Social Advertising Trends in 2022

How Retail Brands Are Adapting to Disruption and Changing Consumer Habits in the Next Year.


C More Hooks Fans with's Automated Ads and Video Templates’s automation technology helped reduce video production costs significantly, and the campaign now generates hundreds of contextualized ads each month without the need for oversight by C More’s performance marketing team.


Pathé Cinemas Attract Moviegoers with Hyper-Local, Weather-Based Ads

Thanks to’s automation solutions, they were able to create 104 ads automatically and update them based on weather conditions and user location. Once the setup was in place, manual work was not required to maintain the campaign


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