Travel Is About to Take Flight. Are You Ready? 

As restrictions ease around the world, travelers make up for lost time! Now is the moment for the travel industry to reconnect with customers and help them spread their wings.


Drive Bookings with a Multi-Platform Approach

As travel planning begins to take flight, hotel/airline, booking sites, and travel innovators alike need a multi-platform strategy to connect with today’s travelers (from those looking for long-term stays to those ready to make up for lost time) across the entire consumer journey.

However, scaling a multi-platform strategy requires proper bandwidth, creative resources, and best-practice knowledge. unifies creative, media, and data into a smarter advertising cloud, empowering travel advertisers to launch personalized experiences at scale (with less resources) to drive performance across social platforms.

TUI Finds Best Performing Creative Elements by Playing with Modular Approach

KLM reached 72% lower cost per initiate checkout and 36% lower cost per purchase by using's Video Templates tool that helped them create personalized video ads at scale.


Prepare Your Campaigns for Take-Off with


Scale Multi-Platform Creative to Generate Full-Funnel Impact

The travel consumer journey has changed, and delivering a consistent experience across the funnel has never been more important. Leverage’s dynamic creative tools to reduce creative work and quickly scale multi-platform image and video ads to drive demand across the consumer journey, from inspiration and retargeting through to booking.

The value of adding video to our creative mix was already clear to us, but we were not able to personalize and scale videos for our performance-driven campaigns.’s Video Templates make it possible to easily create inspiring dynamic videos for each KLM destination we fly from.
Martine van der Lee | Director of Social Media


Do More of What Works and Less of What Doesn’t

With’s creative automation, advertisers can generate hundreds of creative variations from a single ad to test and re-learn what drives traveler engagement. For example, test pandemic-related messaging such as “workcations” or flexible cancellations, or test various creative elements such as discounts, location ratings, and guest scores to identify what drives bookings.

Bring all of your first- and third-party data sources under one roof and measure custom-defined KPIs to optimize your creative strategy across platforms and audiences.

With ['s] help, we’ve been able to scale our creatives to 100s from a limited amount of assets, all in an automated fashion. The outcome couldn’t be better - we are able to learn what are the most engaging elements from our assets with huge performance improvements.
Nicolas Eslshout | Lead Programmatic Media Buying, Benelux


Promote Relevant Travel Experiences and Offers 

Connect any first- or third-party data source such as loyalty program data, flight or hotel catalogs, or weather APIs to promote relevant experiences across destinations, markets, audiences, and more.

Cold and rainy weather? Promote a warm destination. Loyalty program member? Offer bonus points for booking now. Researching NYC hotels? Retarget them with real-time flight or hotel deals. makes it easy to create and deliver personalized content for every traveler to drive performance.

If you’re an advertiser running complex or high-volume campaigns that require technical consultation, teaming up with is a great bet.
Simon Lejeune | Growth Manager


Meet Higher Demand with Less Headcount

Today’s travel advertisers face higher demand with less resources. allows you to drop time-consuming, manual tasks so you can focus on the strategic, value-adding work.

Leverage automated workflows to instantly publish and dynamically update ads across social platforms in real-time while predictive algorithms empower teams to optimize targeting, creatives, budgets, bidding, and more, to reach the highest conversion rates. has been amazing during our global roll-out in over 28 countries, automating our social media activities has significantly decreased use of our FTE (full-time equivalent).
Jan Zwarthoed | Online Marketeer

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Hopper Runs Hundreds of Daily Offers With

Eeach day, hundreds of ads are created from Hopper’s flight data with Smartly’s bespoke Dynamic Image Templates. The tool ensures that automated campaigns run with high-quality, on-brand ads at all times.

KLM Gains Altitude With Video Ads’s Video Templates allowed KLM and their agency partner Storm Digital to take a proven concept and scale it across four test markets. Video Templates pulled creative components from a feed that consisted of destination information and images.

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