The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for a Multi-Platform Strategy

Only 22% of consumers believe that brands are providing good digital experiences (per Qualtrics). Investing in a multi-platform strategy mitigates risk and engages customers with relevant experiences across the buyer’s journey. Craft your multi-platform strategy today - see our ultimate cheat sheet and get a demo to learn more!

 Multi-platfrom  is a must

Privacy changes increase the complexity of delivering ads at the right time, right place, right audience. A multi-platform social advertising strategy is essential - putting all your eggs in one basket leads to missed opportunities. But a multi-platform approach comes with layers of added complexity: each social channel has platform-specific requirements that you need to understand — formats, metrics, and other best practices.

To launch your multi-platform campaigns, make sure you have:


Automated workflows to reduce manual work

Take actions in bulk, add creatives across multiple ad groups at once, turn the ready-made ads live at the moment of truth and easily adjust your budgets and bids across campaigns.

Streamlined tech set-up for seamless launch

Play around with privacy sandboxes, Server-side tracking, Multi-touch attribution platforms and ensure all of them fit together.

Creative tools and “know-how” to scale effectively

Scaling creatives across platforms can be challenging for many reasons, including bandwidth, resources, and platform-specific best practice knowledge.

A single platform to create, launch, and optimize your campaigns

To improve how brands communicate externally, they first need to transform how they work internally by integrating media, creative, and data into one platform.

Executing a multi-platform social strategy is easier said than done. To learn how Smartly.io can solve the complexities of going multi-platform, request a demo.

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