Could Our Leadership 
And Culture Work For You?

Since 2013, we have been studying and borrowing the best practices in modern leadership and culture. Through trial and error, we have distilled and adjusted those learnings into routines that work for
Although those routines will never be 100% perfect or ready, we believe they're worth sharing – for you to borrow a learning or two from us in turn.


Our leadershipOur culture Leadership Handbook

Modern leadership requires constant iteration: it changes as we learn and grow as a company. Still, some routines are worth establishing and scaling within the organisation. One of them is to help others grow by sharing useful learnings.

Walking the talk on the latter, here's our take on modern leadership. This 66-pager is our best shot at capturing how we aspire to lead and be led at

Take a look and see if there are ideas you'd like to borrow!





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"Every leader's fundamental responsibility is to
ensure that the team produces results that
solve customers' problems
and take us towards our strategic goals and our vision."

Kristo Ovaska, Founder & CEO at 


Our Leadership Principles Culture Handbook

The secret sauce of our growth has always been our culture. It defines how we aspire to build our product, whom we hire and reward, and how we work towards a shared vision. In short, our culture is why our customers and employees choose us and stay with us.

Capturing culture between the covers is impossible. Yet trying to do it has helped us learn and get on the same page (or 41 pages) as a company. And while sharing the outcome hopefully helps others learn a thing or two, it certainly helps us stay humble and progressive with our culture.



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"We're all extremely motivated to build our future
– developing the best product and service for our customers, and building
the best company for our people."

Tuomo Riekki, Founder & CPO

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