Ignite, nourish, and efficiently deliver the most relevant experiences for Dunkin’ Donuts, Arby’s, Jimmy John’s and beyond.

Run on Smartly.io, do more with less, and drive efficiency in-house

Reduce manual work and automate campaign workflows to reach customers across all channels from a single point of control. Never start a campaign from scratch - launch and edit multiple campaigns and ad groups at once.

Freaky fast, freaky relevant ads with dynamic content

Deliver highly relevant content to your identified segments at scale by leveraging Image and Video Templates to automatically serve the right ads to the right people at the right time.

We got the insights to make informed decisions

Save hours of jumping between different platforms and see your data across all channels in a single platform. Enable automatic triggers, optimizations, and alerts to unlock performance lift.

Ready to Work Smartly and join these brands in their success with beautiful, hyper-local ads at scale?

Weather-Based Creative for McDonald's

Using Smartly.io’s Automated Ads, McDonald’s was able to target their ads based on location and local weather data in cities with McDonald’s restaurants.With this creative automation setup, OMD was able to produce hundreds of ads that all included locally relevant content and messaging for maximum engagement.



T-Mobile Drives Message Association with Personalized Creatives

T-Mobile partnered with iProspect and Smartly.io to tackle the challenge. With Smartly.io’s bespoke Modular Approach, T-Mobile was able to combine creative elements like video, images and copy to create hundreds of variations from one source video.





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Rebecca Ohnona

Director, Enterprise Sales

Becca works with leading retail and restaurant brands to uplevel their social advertising programs. She’s committed to developing valuable insights and driving tremendous value for all her customers.