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Unlock greater performance on Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns
with Smartly

Take your Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns to the next level with Smartly:

  • Campaign Automation: Use multiple data sources to automate to every level of ASC set up (campaigns, ads, product sets, schedules, bids, and more).
  • Customized Creative: Create personalized creatives with Smartly’s dynamic templates. Connect your feed to a template to automatically create 150 ads 
  • Better Performance: Drive performance and reduce ad fatigue with Smartly’s budget allocation and creative optimization tools

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Work Smartly and drive efficiencies, reduce manual work, and launch ads quicker

Instagram Facebook Dynamic Ads

Accelerate execution

by grouping multiple ASC campaigns to build, edit, manage, and launch campaigns at once and use multiple data sources to automate different campaign, ad set, and ad configurations. Automate additional input fields, including bids, product sets, and schedules

Instagram Facebook scale ads with

Take you creatives to the next level

by quickly scaling across different aspect ratios for an optimal creative mix. Produce several Product overlay designs to create an on brand and eye catching mix of DPA ads and easily convert your static templates to video assets.

Automated Campaign creation in Meta

Achieve Greater Performance with Smartly Optimization

Rotate ads automatically to reduce fatigue and serve your audience with fresh ads, and automatically pause creatives that are underperforming and allocate and optimize budget across multiple campaigns to maximize delivery and performance.

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Deliveroo reaches hyperlocal audiences with neighborhood favorites

By using’s Video Templates, the team was able to automatically create variations of creatives and therefore showcase all the “Local Gold” restaurants. They scaled successfully the strategy of using’s Automated Ads across the UK.





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Brooklinen increases conversions with and Meta’s Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns’s powerful automated feed-based campaigns enabled Brooklinen to quickly and easily integrate an ASC campaign into their current workflow, utilizing their existing campaign feed and launching ads automatically based on the content in the feed.





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DR SMILE creates 5,000 ads across Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube for Black Friday

With the ability to automatically push out 5,000 ad creative variations across Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube the team was able to overachieve its campaign goals.





Creative personalization helps Urban Sports Club decrease CPA by 52%

With Automated Ads technology the team is able to plug in a holistic spreadsheet to, which can then automatically update ads based on their required criteria, this included sports venues, languages, imagery, and more.





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