Create infinite possibilities by enabling brands like QVC and HSN to deliver on-brand, personalized ads that change alongside your daily deals.

Turn your special value deals into beautiful ads automatically

Streamline Qurate’s advertising process and generate hundreds of creative variations at once to deliver ads that change with your special value deals.

Maximize the impact of creative branding

Improve brand recognition with video and image templates. Bring in key elements such as logos, product names, and sale formats and tailor creative to platforms and formats.

Simplify ads buying across Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Pinterest

Leverage Qurate’s 1st party data to create hyper-targeted campaigns automatically – no manual updates needed. Ads and campaigns update in real time as your data changes. Scale your operations and never start a campaign from

Ready to Work Smartly and join these brands in their success with automating and scaling creative production?

Sephora SEA Goes Beyond (Static) Beauty with Videos

By simply attaching their existing product feed to the template, Sephora SEA was able to quickly filter the products that they wanted to feature. Within a matter of minutes, Sephora obtained more than 40 localized video ads in multiple formats which were used on Facebook and Instagram placements in a three-day campaign.





StubHub drives higher brand lift and conversions through full-funnel strategy

By leveraging their campaign and creative automation, StubHub was able to efficiently implement a full-funnel marketing approach where the upper-funnel brand agency and lower-funnel media team worked together to align on creative, messaging, rationale, and audience strategy.





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Carly Sinkin

Sr. Enterprise Sales Manager

Carly works with top retail and eCommerce brands to level up their social advertising programs. As a Smartly veteran, she’s worked with many customers to develop valuable insights and drive tremendous value.