Help people protect themselves and build stronger neighborhoods, while driving profitable growth for State Farm. 

Centralize campaign management to ensure consistency across all of State Farm’s corporate and agent-managed social accounts

Align creative development with strategic campaign objectives, build your brief including brand guidelines, logo, and assets directly into the platform for your corporate marketing team and State Farm agents to work on together.

Simplify the Ads Buying process on Facebook and Instagram

Leverage State Farm’s data to create hyper-targeted campaigns automatically – no manual updates needed. Whether you’re targeting buyers at different stages of life or driving customers to find their fellow small business owner, their local State Farm agent, ads and campaigns update in real time as your data changes. Scale your operations and never start a campaign from scratch with intuitive workflows, automation, and naming conventions.

Measure and learn from a Single Point of Truth

See State Farm’s data across channels in a single platform. Set up scaled experimentation and learn what’s working with customized reporting and live feedback in dynamic dashboards. Integrate 3rd party data to make informed decisions based on the metrics that matter the most. Get insights and unlock performance lift.

Ready to Work Smartly and join these brands in their success with beautiful, hyper-local ads at scale?

Weather-Based Creative for McDonald's

Using’s Automated Ads, McDonald’s was able to target their ads based on location and local weather data in cities with McDonald’s restaurants.With this creative automation setup, OMD was able to produce hundreds of ads that all included locally relevant content and messaging for maximum engagement.



Cornershop Scales Globally with More Effective Geo-Campaign Set Up

With, the team was able to create ads based on location and therefore deliver a relevant message on each city. the team was able to more effectively set up campaigns that achieved both goals of customization and hitting important KPIs, such as CAC.





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Chris Hermann

Sr. Enterprise Sales Manager

Chris helps world-class organizations like State Farm efficiently and effectively scale and optimize paid social programs. He's passionate about driving positive business outcomes for his customers by increasing their ROAS and overall program ROI.