How to reach your audience

As consumers spend more and more time on digital media platforms, many (if not most) touch points of their shopping journeys happen on these platforms - everything from discovery to purchase.


How to engage with your audience

Creative is one of the most powerfulperformance drivers - now more than ever. Engaging with your audience is key for successful campaigns that drive growth.


How to apply data in your campaigns

More than half of marketers feel they don't have quick and easy access to the data they need to most effectively do their jobs. It’s time to wave goodbye to guesswork and instead start applying insights to your campaigns.


How to Reach Your Audiences Smartly?

Learn how Brooklinen increased conversions with Smartly.io and Meta's Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.


Cost per Mille




Cost per Click


Adding incremental value to pre-existing Meta account

With Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns (ASC) being such a new Meta product, it can be daunting for advertisers to integrate it into their evergreen campaign structure. Brooklinen was eager to test ASC ahead of Cyber Week and was looking for a solution to add incremental value to their pre-existing Meta account. They were also interested in testing new consolidation strategies while still controlling their audiences and exposure to existing customers.


Automated feed-based campaigns for the win

Smartly.io’s powerful automated feed-based campaigns enabled Brooklinen to easily integrate an ASC campaign into their current workflow, using their existing campaign feed and launching ads automatically based on the content in the feed. They also leveraged Smartly.io’s budget pools to allocate their total budgets across campaigns, allowing Brooklinen to scale their ASC campaigns more effectively.


Decreased costs and increased conversion rates

Due to ASC’s more simplified campaign structure, Brooklinen now feels more optimistic about consolidating their campaign and ad set structures. By combining all audiences into one ad set, ASC enables broader audience reach optimizing between new and existing customers through machine learning and AI.The campaigns have shown extremely positive results. During Cyber Week, their ASC campaign had the highest volume of purchases and revenue against their other BAU campaigns.


How to Engage Your Audiences Smartly?

Learn how DR SMILE leveraged Smartly.io to create 5,000 ads across Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube for Black Friday


Cost per Acquisition


Hours Saved


Session Bookings


How to streamline creatives across countries, platforms, and languages?

For Black Friday DR SMILE wanted to create ad variations across eight different countries, eight different languages, and six different ad channels – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and Display. In addition to this, DR SMILE wanted to quickly iterate and adapt its messaging based on real-time feedback to ensure the team produced the most relevant and thumb-stopping ads. However, with four people on the team managing its social advertising campaigns, DR SMILE needed a trusted partner to help knock it out of the park for the Black Friday season.


Smartly.io Creative Templates and Automated Ads

By using Smartly.io’s Creative Templates DR SMILE marketing team to plugged a feed Smartly.io’s Automated Ads to automatically generate more than 5,000 unique ad creatives across channels, countries, and languages.DR SMILE leveraged Smartly.io’s A/B testing tool to run real-time ad studies on its campaigns and creatives. Optimizing and replacing creatives helped to improve performance throughout the campaign. For example, the DR SMILE team found that adding something as minor as a minus sign in front of the discount price increased that ad’s conversion rate by 50%.


Decreased costs and increased conversion rates

DR SMILE leveraged Smartly.io’s creative tools to create ads across its Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, and Display ad channels. By being able to generate the ads all in one platform, this task saved the designers and agency countless manual hours and streamlined the communication between teams for any necessary revisions.Overall, the campaign proved to be successful for the DR SMILE team. With the ability to automatically push out 5,000 ad creative variations across six different channels the team was able to overachieve its campaign goals.


How to Learn Smartly?

Learn how StubHub drove higher brand lift and conversions through full-funnel strategy.


In Lower Funnel Conversion Rates


In Remarketing


Brand Lift


How to leverage brand and performance marketing together to reach even wider audiences

StubHub’s media team wanted to find ways to scale their strategy and widen their reach to new audiences. To achieve this they wanted to explore leveraging the brand and performance marketing together to increase the size of high-intent audience pools and this way drive more conversions while improving brand awareness.  Stubhub wanted to see improved conversion rates, a decrease in the cost of conversions and lift in brand awareness. Additionally the team looked to understand how different creative choices for each funnel step can support such a full-funnel campaign implementation.


Full-Funnel Campaign with Funnel-Step Optimized Creatives

By partnering with Smartly.io, StubHub was able to efficiently implement a full-funnel marketing approach where the upper-funnel brand agency and lower-funnel media team worked together to align on creative, messaging, rationale, and audience strategy. To accurately measure the effects of upper and mid-funnel tactics, they conducted an A/B test, with one cell solely containing lower funnel campaigns and the other running a full-funnel strategy. StubHub found that the top-performing formats were different in each stage of the consumer journey. This highlighted the importance of considering each funnel step’s objective as a part of the creative strategy for a full-funnel campaign.


An 82% increase in CTR and a 51% decrease in CPA

StubHub’s findings on their full-funnel campaign proved how impactful this approach has been for their overall strategy. With the findings in how creative performed across all funnels, and the return of in-person events, the team at StubHub is positioned now more than ever as the platform to connect fans to unique experiences, globally.v

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