Leverage Smartly.io to scale authentic creative on TikTok

Smartly.io unlocks growth on TikTok by unifying creative, media, and data into a smarter advertising cloud:

  • Scale production of viral-worthy TikTok assets to reduce fatigue and deliver native experiences
  • Accelerate your go-to-market schedule by building and launching multiple campaigns and ad groups
  • Optimize campaigns in real-time backed by the data that matters most
  • Automate creative production across your product catalog

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Smartly.io helps you to scale creative asset production while streamlining TikTok campaign management and optimization

Instagram Facebook Dynamic Ads

Need help sourcing TikTok Creator content?

Welcome to Creator Connect 2.0 – a one-stop solution for brands and advertisers looking to elevate their social media presence. Our workflow makes it easy for you to source, edit, and deploy UGC-based video assets for TikTok (and other platforms).

Instagram Facebook scale ads with Smartly.io

Scase production of viral-worthy TikTok assets

Creative fatigue happens as quickly as TikTok trends come and go. Smartly.io's Video Templates make it easy to scale TikTok video variations with elements such as localized text overlays and frequently refreshed creatives. Smartly.io users can test TikTok overlays, ensuring live ads stay “in the safe zone.”

Automated Campaign creation in Meta

Shopping Ads empower brands to scale and drive real results

Automate creative production across your product catalog to test variations, avoid ad fatigue, and ensure you’re serving fresh native ads to your shoppers. Avoid manual errors with flexible feed processing to make your data source compatible with TikTok. Measure real-time insights from your third-party data integrations and custom-defined KPIs to optimize strategies and improve shopper engagement.

Instagram Facebook reporting platform

Reduce manual campaign workflows so you can focus on strategy

Build and launch multiple campaigns, ad groups, and ads at once and save time with in-platform bulk campaign adjustments (no bulk sheet needed). Swap manual monitoring processes for automated status and budget triggers so you can manage campaigns and set budgets while you’re away, even during non-work hours or holidays.

ABOUT YOU drives 100% increase in ROAS with Smartly.io and TikTok Shopping Ads

ABOUT YOU saw a nearly 30% uplift in ROAS compared to the business-as-usual Catalog Sales campaigns. As a result, the ABOUT YOU team extended web campaign testing into the beta period while including additional markets.





DR SMILE creates 5,000 ad creative variations across six different channels for Black Friday

Automated ads helped DR SMILE to launch ads across eight different countries and six different ad channels (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and Display) to overachieve its campaign goals.





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