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  • Track performance and gain actionable insights with a consolidated view across all your social platforms
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Privacy changes increase the complexity of delivering ads at the right time, right place, and to the right audience. Investing in a multi-platform strategy mitigates risk and engages customers with relevant experiences across the buyer’s journey. But scaling across platforms becomes challenging as brands face new ad formats, manual repetitive tasks, evolving best practices, siloed tools, and reporting limitations.

Under Armour drove 2X improvement in ROI simplifies Under Armour’s campaign setup across 13+ markets to reduce manual work and drive 2X improvement in ROI. With simplification, better efficiencies in place and hours saved on manual work, the team had more time on their hands to prioritize creative and make their ads stand out in the auction.


Smarter creative production and campaign management built to scale across platforms allows brands to create better ads, consolidate campaign management, and optimize performance in real-time


Leverage actionable creative insights to design social ads your customers will love while staying true to your brand. Stand out from the competition with's dynamic templates that automatically create and deliver thousands of personalized images or videos across social platforms.



Drop time-consuming, manual tasks and focus on the strategic, value-adding work that truly matters.’s automated workflows allow teams to instantly publish and dynamically update ads across social platforms in real-time while leveraging predictive algorithms to optimize targeting, creatives, budgets, and bidding, so you reach the highest conversion rates.



Track performance and gain actionable insights with a consolidated view across all social platforms. With third-party data integrations and custom-defined KPIs, allows you to go beyond native ad platform measurement limitations. Make decisions backed by the data that matters most to inform your creative direction and campaign strategy.

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"’s creative automation and modular testing solutions enabled [us] to seamlessly build personalized videos at scale, saving significant amounts of time and driving efficiencies."

Tom Burke, Head of Demand Generation, Uber Freight

"Partnering with and utilizing their automation solutions has earned us more time to internally manage paid social campaigns for various stakeholders at scale."

Danny Hsiao, Lead Performance Marketeer Display, Social & Video, MediaMarkt

"We don't have to go to three different platforms to see our data, making it easier to analyze and make optimizations on future decisions."

Charelle Uhlenbeck, Social Advertising Consultant, Dentsu

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