content-product-intro is Your All-In-One Solution for Success automates every step of social advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity.

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Produce highly personalized, on-brand creatives at scale

Easily capture your audience’s attention with market-leading Image and Video Templates to create on-brand, seasonally-relevant videos and stories in minutes.

Generate thousands of ad variations automatically using any data source and show prices, discounts, store locations, availability, weather and more.

Conduct seamless testing to learn which creatives, concepts, and elements drive the best performance.

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Manage your campaigns seamlessly

Drop the boring work – save time with automation and efficient workflows to launch and manage your campaigns.

Reduce time spent on campaign management with fully automated campaign creation, macros, and more.

Scale your operations effectively with cross account campaign and asset management.

Improve Dynamic Ads performance with Dynamic Image Templates. Integrate any product feed and improve data quality with advanced mapping and modifiers.

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Optimize your performance

Leverage Facebook’s latest capabilities and AI-powered algorithms to hit your performance goals.

Maximize results by allocating budget across ad sets and campaigns using 1st and 3rd party data, and autoscale budgets when KPIs are met.

Convert high value customers by easily adjusting bid levels based on the lifetime value of different user groups.

Avoid ad fatigue by automatically rotating your ads based on performance.

Measure the incremental revenue from your advertising with statistical significance built-in.

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See what moves the needle

Access reporting across ad accounts and analyze your campaigns with third-party data and take immediate action - all in one view.

Integrate first and third-party data sources and save hours from jumping between different platforms.

Access performance trends across your entire funnel with flexible reporting and visualizations in real-time to rapidly generate insights and and make accurate decisions.

See reporting across your campaigns and ad accounts in one helicopter view and make immediate changes, with just a few clicks.

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