Customized insights consolidated across your social platforms

  • Build custom-defined KPIs
  • First-and third-party data integrations
  • Test the performance of your campaigns by running Split, Lift, and Multi-Cell Lift Tests
  • Identify your best (and worst) ads across accounts or social platforms, and make changes with just a few clicks
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Track performance and gain actionable insights with a consolidated view across all your social platforms


Custom-defined KPIs

Build custom expressions that measure against the metrics or attribution windows that matter most to your business goals. error-proofs reporting by centralizing KPI management.

  • Measure business-specific KPIs
  • Effortlessly create and repurpose custom metrics across users or social platforms
  • Ensure accurate reporting and data across multiple campaigns

First-and third-party data integrations gathers data sources under one roof, saving your team hours of jumping between different platforms. Leverage real-time data from first- and third-party data integrations—such as Server-to-Server, Mobile Measurement Partners, and Web Analytics—to optimize strategies, reach high-quality audiences, and improve engagement with existing audiences.

  • Integrate your third-party data sources
  • Connect the dots across the buyer's journey
  • Visualize custom attribution

Built-in ad studies measure incremental revenue with statistical significance

Test the performance of your campaigns by running Split, Lift, and Multi-Cell Lift Tests; and compare results across any KPI. makes it easy to estimate how much test budget you need for meaningful, statistically significant results.

  • Run quick, easy tests to measure performance
  • Ensure statistically significant results
  • Optimize future campaign strategies with confidence

Instantly course-correct campaigns

Identify your best (and worst) ads across accounts or social platforms, and make changes with just a few clicks. Scheduled email alerts notify you of performance-related problems so you can quickly pause underperforming campaigns or scale budgets across your highest-performing ads. Easy-to-share reporting views keep key stakeholders in the loop.

  • Edit campaigns in bulk
  • Automate email alerts
  • Quickly share reports with key stakeholders
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TotallyMoney Saves 17 hours of Manual Work per Week

With, TotallyMoney saved time on reporting and analysis, and enabled agile campaign management and optimization, which gave back 17 hours a week to focus on strategy, analysis and creative.

Drive multi-platform performance with an all-in-one reporting view



Integrate custom KPIs and first- or third-party data sources that goes beyond native ad platform measurement limitations.



Mine your data and analyze your campaign performance to learn what's working, and take immediate action across social platforms.



Track performance trends across your entire funnel with flexible reporting and visualizations for rapid and accurate decision-making.

"We don't have to go to three different platforms to see our data, making it easier to analyze and make optimizations on future decisions."

Charelle Uhlenbeck, Social Advertising Consultant, Dentsu

"Using's flexible reporting tools, [we’re] far more agile…We now rarely use Excel, as most of our day-to-day analysis and optimization can be done directly [in]."

Molly Beake, Display Manager, TotallyMoney

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