Take your TikTok Shopping Ads to the next level with Smartly.io

Smartly.io is the first-to-market TikTok campaign and ads partner for Shopping Ads, empowering brands with the tools and automated workflows needed to enable scale, optimization, and testing to drive real results.

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TikTok Shopping Ads is a smarter and simplified solution that drives maximum impact for your business by mixing the best of TikTok’s existing e-commerce advertising products with new tools.

Smartly.io supports the creative and campaign creation and management process for Video Shopping Ads and Catalog Listing Ads.

Video Shopping Ads: Maximize performance with hyper-relevant, smart videos delivered to TikTok users with personalized recommendations from their interactions.

Catalog Listing Ads: Expand your reach without the need for video assets and pull product information directly from your catalog to promote beyond TikTok’s For You Page.


Average increase in ROAS for campaigns testing VSA vs. Conversion objective


Average decrease in CPA for campaigns testing VSA vs. Catalog Sales objective


Of customers saw performance lift for test campaigns against core performance metrics 

Why use Smartly.io for TikTok Shopping Ads?


Stand out from the competition and attract online shoppers

Enhance your Shopping Ads assets beyond product name and price with elements such as discounts, social proof, or star ratings to drive performance. Scale and automate the production across your product catalog to test variations, avoid ad fatigue, and ensure you’re serving fresh native ads to your shoppers. Available early 2023.


Accelerate time-to-market across multiple brands, LOBs, or categories

Accelerate execution by cloning or building multiple TikTok Shopping Ads campaigns, ad groups, or ads at once. Avoid manual errors with flexible feed processing to make your data source compatible with TikTok, and make quick and easy updates to your Catalogs in Smartly.io without needing to modify your original data source.


Optimize campaigns in real-time, backed by the data that matters most

Remove tedious monitoring and updates with automated triggers to pre-program or increase budgets during specific time periods that outperform or during inconvenient times. Leverage your internal source of truth data to automatically allocate and optimize budget across ad groups or campaigns.


Improve the performance of your Shopping Ads with customized reporting

Track and measure real-time insights from your third-party data integrations and custom-defined KPIs, and leverage custom metadata to identify the highest performing creative elements to optimize strategies and improve shopper engagement. Keep pace with shopper behavior with real-time bulk campaign adjustments.

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