Walmart Brasil Takes Weekly Offers Online to Drive Offline Sales
And Expands to 16 New Regions with Digital Circulars

Challenge: Local Offers, Multiple Store Locations

Walmart Brasil struggled to bring their print ads to any form of digital media, including Facebook, as each region within Brazil featured different products on sale at varying price points. Both the creative development and media buying for this would have taken a lot of work - too much for Walmart and their agency Isobar to do manually. Solution: Automating Circulars

Walmart used's Automated Ads technology to create Digital Circulars by utilizing the same excel sheet and database that Walmart currently sends to their print ad vendors - bringing them to life as a Facebook Canvas ad and providing a new way for customers to redeem offers in-store.

The first step was to import their print database and turn it into a digital content feed. Isobar then created a template in the tool to be automatically replicated across the thousands of products across hundreds of stores.

Lastly, the campaign was launched with automatic geo-targeting to ensure that offers were delivered to the relevant regions, and then automatically optimized towards audiences with the lowest Cost per Store Visit.


Results: 65x Higher Reach, Up to a Minute Dwell Time

The campaign was a great success. People spent 48 seconds reading the offers on average and 18% also looked up directions to the nearest store. Success of the initial campaigns led Walmart to expand them from a single region to 16 regions nationally. The Digital Circulars helped to drive reach 65 times higher among the target audience and saved Walmart 55 hours a week had they create the ads manually. Walmart is looking to replicate this approach to their other markets, starting next with Argentina.

About Company

Walmart Brasil is the third largest supermarket chain in Brazil and operates 465 stores with multiple sub-brands.


60 Sec

Up to one Minute Dwell Time

55 hours

Saved per Week’s Automated Ads allows us to communicate our offers to new customer segments - who now have an even bigger reason to visit our stores with promotions they receive on their mobile screens.”  André Svartman, General Director of Marketing, Walmart Brazil

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