Eataly: Scaling Customer Acquisition with Customized Videos



Eataly wanted to increase product consideration among new, potential customers, drive more traffic to their website, and increase purchases. They were interested in testing how video would work for this objective  but previously had challenges scaling video production and customization to the necessary level as they have thousands of individual products and more than a hundred different product categories.


To ramp up the usage of video advertising, Eataly decided to test's Video Templates, which enable advertisers to create fully customized, on-brand videos at scale from product data feeds and existing static & video assets.’s Video Templates enabled Eataly to create & edit customized videos of different product categories featuring some of the best-selling items per category. To prove the power of video ads for generating traffic, they tested these customized videos against image carousels that were enriched with on-brand graphics using’s Image Templates.

The ads were targeted to Lookalike Audiences of previous customers and website visitors, and Eataly used A/B testing to ensure the results were statistically reliable.


A/B testing proved that using customized, on-brand videos are the recipe for success for Eataly. Videos performed significantly better than static image assets and drove 43% better CTR with a 47% better, positive return on ad spend against static carousel ads.  

About Company

Eataly is the world’s largest artisanal Italian food and beverage marketplace. Founded in 2007 in Turin, Eataly shares “made in Italy” on a global scale through high-quality, authentic products and the stories of their local producers. The values and philosophy of Eataly are focused on sustainability, sharing and responsibility. Over the years Eataly has been expanding across the globe, with the opening of several brick-and-mortar stores and also online with an e-commerce platform delivering high-quality food and drink to all Europe and the United States. Today, Eataly shops are in 16 Italian cities and in several countries including: Japan, the United States, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and many others.



Higher CTR (vs. static ads)


Higher, positive ROAS (vs. static ads)

“We saw that video seems to work much better for us in the upper part of the funnel, both in terms of clicks to the landing page and conversions. This test has given us great visual results with a very manageable investment.”

Michele Cortellessa, Digital Marketing Manager, Eataly Net