eBook: 4 Levels of Mobile Gaming Advertising on Facebook

Find & Inspire the Most Valuable Players With Facebook Campaigns

Global revenue from mobile gaming has been leveling up significantly in the last few years, with $40.6 billion being spent last year alone in the category worldwide. With this ebook, you'll learn the 4 levels of mastery that will ensure that your next game launch is a success!

Get the full picture:

  • Basic testing & audience selections
  • Campaign structure best practices
  • New ad formats (hint: it's playables)
  • Pivots, cohorts & app events
  • Return on ad spend & customer lifetime value
  • Game launch lifecycle

In this eBook we will be going through the details of how to maximize odds of success when playing the Facebook game of Mobile Gaming Advertising. Starting with the basic steps, we will slowly ramp up the difficulty to the most advanced concepts.

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