eProfessional Creates Hyperlocal Video Ads Across 11 Countries

The agency eProfessional is in charge of ad operations for a large German fashion retailer. The brand wanted to promote their latest celebrity fashion line by running a hyperlocal video campaign in 11 European countries. Each video needed to be localized for each market which presented a real technical challenge.

Together with Smartly.io, the online marketing agency eProfessional decided that creating this type of a localized campaign would require creative automation and hence, a data feed. We set up a simple Google Sheet that included locations (like cities and neighborhoods), ad copy, city codes (for accurate Facebook targeting), and the video file names.

For easier management, campaigns were grouped into batches of 50 locations. Altogether, Automated Ads helped eProfessional run a total of 80 campaigns. The ad creatives as well as targeting were pulled from the data feed automatically. We also automated ad copy: each campaign used an automated ad template that included a generalized text per country combined with the #city_name#, again pulled from the data feed.

About Company

As one of the most experienced digital marketing agencies in Germany with more than 130 experts in Hamburg, eProfessional has been one of the top choices for digital marketing since 1999.


3x Video View % 

Viewing times tripled with localized video

4000 Localized Ads

“We would have never been able to run these huge campaigns without Smartly.io and their awesome platform and support.” 

Steffi Kegel, Director Social Media Advertising, eProfessional