Frávega Sees In-Store Traffic from Paid Social Localized Advertising to Drive Offline Sales

Frávega, founded in 1910, is one of Argentina’s leading electronics retailers with over 100 locations around the country, in addition to their e-commerce site. As a retailer with dozens of locations, Frávega wanted to test to see if they could use localized Facebook advertising to drive in-store sales and measure the impact of such campaigns.


First, with the help of Facebook’s Measurement team, Frávega identified stores with similar behavior in smartphone sales, so that external factors wouldn’t impact their study. Then, as Frávega didn’t have feeds for their offline products, we helped them set these up.

Together with, Frávega ran a controlled test where two specific stores were geo-targeted with Local Awareness ads optimized for reach with special offers in the smartphone category. 

The ads were created with a feed-based solution called Automated Ads. It combined product images from the feed with Dynamic Image Templates to show on-brand creatives with dynamically updating prices.  Showing the prices dynamically was key as there is typically variation between online and offline offers and pricing. In addition, Frávega is also optimizing for omnichannel sales with the offline data connector.


With this setup, Frávega saw sales lift for two consecutive weeks for the stores involved for the first time that year. In addition, they saw a 3% lift in smartphone sales and 2.55% lift in weekly sales. This test has shifted how the company approaches their paid social strategy as they are now able to influence brick-and-mortar sales with their digital budgets.














Frávega, founded in 1910, is one of Argentina’s leading electronics retailers.


3 %

Lift in Smartphone Sales

2.55 %

Lift in Weekly Sales

"This is a game changer for us. Now we can show that digital budgets can directly influence specific stores and categories. has been instrumental in helping us connect offline sales to Facebook – the fastest way to configure and optimize this is through their Automated Ads solution."

Alejandro Fogarolli, Digital Marketing Team Lead, Frávega