Hopper Automates Stories Creatives and Campaign Optimization with Smartly.io

Airfare is notorious for fast-changing prices - Hopper advertises a large volume of deals that change frequently. Hopper's challenge was to scale, automate, and optimize hundreds of new offers every day without having to hire more people to manage these campaigns. They also wanted to scale their ads on lnstagram Stories. 

Smartly.io approached the challenge with a two-fold solution: each day, hundreds of ads are created from Hopper's flight data with Smartly.io's bespoke Stories Templates. This creative feature ensures that automated campaigns run with high-quality, on-brand ads at all times. Once the ads are created, Hopper manages the campaigns with automated optimization features, such as Predictive Budget Allocation that re-allo­cates the budget to the best performing deals (in terms of CTR or engagement) dynamically.


This approach proved to be a great success: The campaigns reached a three times higher conversion rate and 67% more app installs compared to their previous setup. As a result. Hopper shifted 50% of their ad spend to Stories after seeing that the con­versions rates were three times higher compared to feed placements.


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About Company

Hopper is an award-winning flight booking app that predicts the future of airfare. Users enter their preferred destination and dates, and the app will tell if it is the right time to buy. If users are told to wait, they can watch their flights and will receive a push notification when the prices reach their lowest point. Hopper sells over a million dollars in flights every day and growing.



Higher Conversion Rate

67 %

More App Installs

"If you're an advertiser running complex or high-volume campaigns that require technical consultation, teaming up with a Facebook Marketing Partner such as Smartly.io is a great bet. You get instant access to experi­mented engineers and account managers who are on top of the ever-changing Facebook Marketing API." 

Simon Lejeune, Growth Manager, Hopper