TUI Belgium Sees Incremental Results With FB Stories 100x Creative Volume with Video Templates

BIG SMILE WEEKS is a seasonal campaign that TUI Belgium runs multiple times a year with up to 50% in discounts. Previously, TUI Belgium had used two videos with two language versions to run the promotion on Instagram Stories – a placement similar to Facebook Stories. They were looking to test the effectiveness of Facebook Stories while scaling their creative volume.

Testing the Incrementality of Facebook Stories

To see definitive results between Facebook Stories and other placements, helped TUI Belgium set up a split test that divided creatives into two cells:

Cell A: Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, Instagram Stories

Cell B: Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories

With this split, we were able to see the incremental effect of adding Facebook Stories to the mix: -12% CPA and +14% CTR with Cell B that included Facebook Stories.

Creative Solution: From 2 to 200 Ads with

To help TUI Belgium increase their creative volume and customization, the Creative Studio designed ads using our newest solution, Video Templates. The video ads pulled dynamic content from TUI Belgium's destination catalog and combined it with TUI Belgium brand elements to ensure creative quality and consistency – even when running a high volume of unique offers. Video Templates allowed TUI Belgium to scale their creative volume from two to 200 ads automatically. Moreover, the solution allowed TUI Belgium to scale their creative quickly to fit a variety of placements.

Creative Studio based all designs on creative insights proven by previous campaign work for customers:

1. Suggest the action you're driving in the creative. The red BG works as curtains that slide up to show new destinations. The animation of the red BG prompts the user to take action and swipe up while revealing dynamic content from their feed. The final video scene also incorporates swipe up cues with animated arrows and elements sliding up.

2. Make your value proposition clear. Another travel brand working with saw a clear lift in performance with designs that incorporate a clear value proposition (such as destinations and prices) with plenty of negative space. The TUI Belgium ads were designed similarly, leaving a lot of room for the red background.

TUI Belgium is the largest travel group in the world. They offer handpicked holiday choices, city breaks, short breaks, cruises, and more.


-12 %


+14 %

Click-Through Rates
“With the Creative Studio, we were able to increase our creative volume by 100x while running beautifully designed ads that drove a clear lift in sales. It’s great to work with a technology partner who understands creative through the eyes of data insights.” Julie Messiaen, Digital Marketeer, TUI Belgium

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