Find the service model that fits your team, scope and business.

Bespoke platform, extreme flexibility to serve your advertising needs.

1. Software as a service

Where platform meets support


Best in Class Support

Our fantastic 24/5 customer support will respond and fix your issues in minutes rather than days, solving both technical and business issues. We're online 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Learn more


On-Going Education

Our dedicated Account Managers share the know-how that takes your ad performance to the next level. Regional customer events bring together the brightest minds in Facebook advertising.


Access the Newest Facebook Features

We work fast. We're consistently one of the first Facebook Marketing Partners to launch new Facebook products. Learn more


Say No to Long Commitments

Pay for what you actually use. We offer a 14-day free trial and no minimum contract period.

2. Managed Onboarding

Ramp up your operations with Smartly.io's expertise

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Smartly.io Creates your Campaigns

Fully managed ad operations ramp-up for an agreed timeline (2-3 months) executed by Smartly.io's experts.

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Become an Expert – Fast!

Trainings and workshops to ensure your team is up to date both on the Smartly.io platform and Facebook.

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Join the Forefront of Facebook Marketing

Our dedicated managed service team helps you with strategic planning and adopting the newest innovations in Facebook advertising.

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Smooth Handover

Take control of your automated and optimized campaigns after the agreed managed period. Service continues as SaaS with support from a familiar team.

3. Full managed Service

 An extension of your team

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Fully Managed Ad Operations

A dedicated managed service and data science team drives your Facebook & Instagram advertising strategy.

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Designed & Automated Creatives

Fuel ad automation with our creative services. We can design the image and video templates for your feed-based campaigns.

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Reporting and Insights Delivery

Receive snackable weekly reports, insights, and suggestions. Learn what works and what doesn't and plan the future based on everything you've learned.

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Access Smartly.io Beta and Early Features

Because we have our bespoke platform and are experts in using it, we're able to implement cutting edge solutions before your competitors.

4. Agency Partners


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White Glove

Smartly.io also works with dozens of advanced agencies around the globe who provide white glove services – spiced up with our advanced features.

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Get in Touch

Find more information at our Agency Partner Website Learn more

 Get in Touch to Learn More!

We Learn From the Best so You Can Become the Best

Growing your business through online advertising is not an easy task. Our goal at Smartly.io is to help you to succeed in that demanding mission by supporting you every step of the way.  

Our Strengths

  • Flexibility
  • Transparency
  • Expertise & experience
  • We execute, fast!
  • 24/5 highly technical real-time support

 Smartly.io is the partner of choice of many leading online advertisers globally, including eBay, TechStyle, Chatbooks, and BARK.