Agency Partner Program

Prefer to partner with a media agency to run multiple platforms with the same team? works with dozens of advanced agencies around the globe who provide top-notch service spiced up with our advanced features.

Service Highlights Tech,
Agency Services

This service model combines agency offering with’s powerful automation platform. The Smartly-accredited team runs your campaigns across media to streamline efforts.

Best Practices
In Practice

Our carefully selected agency partners are experts in the platform and your campaigns setup will follow Facebook best practices for top-notch performance.

First Look
To Innovations partner agencies enjoy first-look to the newest ad formats and solutions – and help you start using them in your campaigns fast.

Creative Automation
And Personalization

The agency can personalize and customize your creatives at scale with templates that automate ad creation for still and video ads.

Bamboo for the Pet Care Company Rover

Week over week, we saw 200% more completed sitter registrations.


OMD Finland for McDonald's

How to keep creative interesting for the new summer desserts menu throughout the season while maximising campaign reach?   


Jellyfish for a Large Education Advertiser

Increased efficiencies translate directly into measurable results.


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