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Feeling short-handed with user acquisition, scaling your efforts, or conquering new markets?

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You have ambitious goals, we have the ambition to make them happen. From conquering new markets to scaling profitably, our creative, performance, and ad buying experts have seen it all. Don’t go about it alone, arm your business with a paid social dream team that answers all your needs. Stay up-to-speed with the latest advertising innovations. Access insights and strategic advice inspired by Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest best practices.


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Self-serve + Support

  • In-house team

  • Need an effective platform for paid social

  • Provides the software

  • Your Customer Success Manager serves as your strategic advisor, your very own secret weapon in all things social.

  • Every Smartlie does support - we provide 24/5 customer support


Managed Service

  • Limited resources

  • Need a partner to outsource paid social

  • Provides the software and the team

  • A dedicated team of experts fully manages your paid social

  • Helps you hit your business goals

Expert Strategy and Planning

Get your performance groove on with strategies and testing roadmaps planned by the brightest paid social experts in town.

Ideas that Shine

From concepts to production, we’ll make magic happen with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest creative.

Ad Buying on Steroids

Trust your campaign creation, management, and optimization to our award-winning automation platform.

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