Shape Up Your Paid Social with Creative & Ad Buying Automation for Retail 

Winning retailers move fast, leveraging both online and offline to disrupt the industry. In today’s channel-agnostic world, customers want it all - the full sensory experience pre-purchase as well as the convenience of shopping with the click of a button. Retailers have no choice but to embrace paid social in order to bridge the gap between online and offline.

Revolutionize your paid social offering with technology to create engaging customer experiences at scale. Download the ebook for inspiration and insights into the latest retail advertising solutions.

  • Re-imagine the storefront online with ad formats that bring your brick and mortar experience online, combining both branding and product discovery.
  • Onboard and unlock the power of online and offline data to enable omnichannel media strategies.
  • See how brands like Walmart Brasil are running their paid social.

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