Checklist to Smartly.io for Snapchat: Dynamic Travel Ads

Travel is back and the Snap Dynamic Travel Ads help you take your travel campaigns to new heights! Craft your travel strategy today and let Smartly.io help reduce the manual work with execution and implementation.

Snapchatters are  more likely to travel  than users of other platforms

Travel has returned to pre-pandemic levels, and Snapchatters are leading the travel push, as recent studies show they are more likely to travel than users of other platforms. And with Snapchatters 37% more likely to book travel after seeing an advertisement, now is the time to meet those audiences with relevant content to drive discoverability and action.

Take your business to new heights with Snapchat Dynamic Travel Ads:


Customize creative and stand out from the crowd

Enhance the look-and-feel of your ads as well as the information displayed within your travel imagery.

Reduce manual work and save time

Streamline campaign workflows and simplify catalog management so you can focus on strategy.

Automate optimization and drive performance

Automatically allocate your budgets across highest performing campaigns or ad groups to reach your best performing audiences.

Automate workflows

Rely on automated workflows to instantly act on performance changes to maximize opportunity or minimize loss.

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