Advertise Sports Betting Dynamically

You're on the winning team with's paid social advertising solutions. Optimize for first-time deposits using internal data, create more relevant ads with automatically updated odds, events, imagery or video, automate campaign management, and much more.


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How it Works


Connect your data feed or spreadsheet



Creatives are automatically created and updated based on the feed data, for example with the latest odds



Our fully customizable strategy engine optimizes in real-time towards your KPIs such as First-Time Deposits

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"Using, we are able to optimize our campaigns more effectively by using our own custom conversion data. Smartly's automation solutions reduce time spent on manual tasks by allowing us to pause and run campaigns on specific dates and times, change bids and budgets, and much more based on automatic rules, allowing us to spend more time on strategic work."

Jamie Coombes
Digital Media Specialist

Save Time & Automate Manual Work


Forget working on weekends! With our feed-based solutions and automated triggers, you can handle campaign launches, optimization and creative updates automatically – just set the rules and our optimization engine does the rest (with a little help from AI!)

All optimization features support your internal & 3rd party data, such as your First-Time Deposit metrics


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