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Meet the Partners partners drive value together, creating convenient solutions that are adaptable to each advertiser's specific reality. assists its customers by offering flexible integration options and unique conditions for delivering joint value.

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Who are our partners?

Data & Analytics

We are always looking to partner with companies that help businesses make better use of their data for advertising, be it understanding, visualizing or making use of first or third party data. Some of the companies we work with: AppsFlyer, Adjust,, Kochava, Singular, Neustar, Fospha.


Optimization Tools

Our optimization partners help our customers in their campaign building processes by automating feeds, developing campaign planning software, organizing user generated content and more. Some of the companies we work with: Lumanu, hasthtagpaid, Billo, Flowbox.


Engagement Tools

Engagement tools help our customers better engage their user base by leveraging third party audiences, community management tools or conversational marketing. Some of the companies we work with: BrandBastion, Spectrm.


Partner Success Story

AppsFlyer Helped Wolt Scale to 100+ cities

The Wolt team has integrated AppsFlyer, their mobile attribution partner, with to automate campaign optimization and save time managing social advertising campaigns.

Now Wolt can optimize against their AppsFlyer data and configure events in to automatically trigger campaign changes. For example, if a campaign's performance in a city dips below a certain threshold, the creative for that campaign instantly changes.

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