Ebook: Don't Make Ads, Make TikToks

TikTok has taken the world by storm - fun, authentic, video-first storytelling is here to stay and creators and users alike are embracing it. After Reading This Guide You’ll Learn:

  • Why brands should incorporate TikTok to their social advertising strategies
  • How to get started and how to create TikToks that consumers engage with 
  • What makes TikTok unique & Top creative best practices
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of consumers say they follow a brand or make a purchase after watching a TikTok, it’s clear TikTok has become a powerful player in how to engage with customers.

This is how you'll succeed on TikTok, Smartly

How to nail your TikTok creatives

Before creating your campaign, you’ll first need to identify your objective. Your objective should align with business goals and what you want to achieve with your ad. Are you looking to drive awareness? Do you want to drive app installs? Product sales? In most cases, Smartly.io suggests leveraging TikTok for campaign objectives that span across the entire marketing funnel.

Crafting the perfect TikTok strategy

For many advertisers, creative on TikTok is the most challenging part of getting started. The first step in nailing your creative strategy is identifying your audience. Do you need different variations based on languages? Are you targeting multiple audiences that have differing motivations?

How to measure TikTok success

Your campaign objectives will inform how you measure and optimize success on TikTok. If you’re tracking web conversions, you’ll want to leverage TikTok Pixel, a powerful native TikTok tool that tracks your ad’s impact. You’ll be able to track when visitors are driven to online behaviors like viewing a webpage or making a purchase.

Get the Ebook!

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