How Deliveroo delivers from brief to ads in 30 minutes or less – Claire Reynolds, Deliveroo


When you first think about Deliveroo, you probably think of getting great food to your house in less than half an hour. Awesome right? But behind the scenes is the real story. This story is one of high growth, huge challenges and an enormous opportunity ahead of us.

Using Smartly’s Automated Ads and Video Templates, Deliveroo were able to effortlessly generate over 1000 hyper-targeted, bespoke ads for their local restaurant and grocery partners across the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, to let consumers know that they could still get food delivered to their house in their time of need.

And that’s not all- Deliveroo managed to scale this solution as an efficient acquisition lever; bringing their average cost per order down by 87% and engagement rate up 5x in the process. This key-note is not one to be missed!